Shared Space Russland

As a first step this study tries to sketch the developmental history of public spaces in Western Europe. It outlines the current paradigm shift and the momentarily changing assessments amongst urban planners and traffic engineers towards public spaces as a valuable limited urban ressource , as this is directly connected to the emergence of the Shared Space Idea (Chapter II). Building on this, Chapter III is dedicated to providing a general overview about the topic Shared Space. Furthermore the chapter delivers a definition of the term/concept and formulates its fundamental principles. The end of this chapter is marked by the goals/purposes and positive effects to be possibly achieved by implementing Shared Space projects. Chapter IV illustrates the operational criteria of Shared Space solutions. It defines its scope/area of application and delivers a rough guideline on how to make a pre-assessment of specific project areas based on settlement structures, the distribution of urban functions at the site and the importance of a public space as a component within the local mobility network. Chapter V provides recommendations for implementation on a a more application-oriented level, while providing empirical criteria in form of facts and numbers, based on the experiences with these kinds of projects in western europe. Eventually, after the methodological approach is clarified, Chapter VI examines the project sites chosen for revision, providing recommendations and instructions for further development.
Name Shared Space Russland
Jahr 2017
Standort Leningradskaya Oblast
Aufgabe Potentialanalyse
Auftraggeber Stroyproekt Engineering Group
Status Studie

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